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Royal Hall in Shanghai logistics limited

Company industry: Traffic/transportation/logistics
Nature of company: Foreign (non-European)
Size of company: 0-150 people
: Shanghai
number of: number of
language requirements: Japanese/English General
academic: undergraduate
job description:

1, communication with domestic customers, and matters related to overseas agents to confirm;
2, customer advice, complaints, coordinating dispute resolution;
3, promptly solve problems that occur during the operation.

1, familiar with maritime operations, freight forwarding and customer service experience;
2, there are some basic English, skilled processing daily mail;
4, has a good patient, has the ability to help customers solve problems;
5, there is a strong team spirit, good communication skills and presentation skills.

: Dalian road, Yangpu district


maritime operations

Shanghai Royal Court of logistics

company: transportation/transportation/logistics
company: foreign (non-European)
company:0-150 people
: Shanghai
number of: number of
work experience: graduate
language requirements: Japanese/English
academic: College
job description:

Related logistics professional college graduation, college degree or above; without work experience, recent graduates. Like to join our logistics management and operations team, is willing to study and put into practice, be steadfast, hard up people. Men and women, welcomed the ideals, for continuous advancement of new graduates. We will provide full talents to display their stage.

: Dalian road, Yangpu district
contact jingyi031107@yahoo.com.cn

General Zhou Yi
Mobile phone:13901637185

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