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HDS service
Mobile express service

 The utility tool
  Foundation classes
  country code | unit conversion table | online unit converter | dangerous mark | trade terms | logistics term | freight terms in Chinese and English.
Commonly used English abbreviation
  Shipping class
  world port | NOVCC owner | ship types and time charter | shipping process | General cargo liner transport process of | time charter process
liner freight calculation standard | Port Tariff | port fees | additional | the people's Republic of China Import and export tariff and declaration guide
  Air class
  airline code table | cargo import and export processes | air max load of | air cargo weight / size limit of | air cargo weight billing | air freight charges
  Land class
  land shipment process | railway freight flow of | railway export transportation | stowage factor | special goods consignment
  container import and export business process | export container flow diagram of | container parameter | FCL, LCL process | international container freight rate
Import and export container container stowage | container surcharge basic form of
  import and export tools
  declaration process | customs clearance process | declaration | discharge machining | declaration processing | declaration compensation trade declaration | container export customs declaration process of
Import and export business process | suitcase export flow chart of | verification and tax rebate process | import verification | export receipt verification | entrepot trade | verification remote verification
special trade | verification foreign trade enterprises to export tax rebate | exemption application proxy | production enterprise of export tax rebate process of | industrial enterprise export tax rebate | agent export tax rebate | all kinds of combination of | settlement special trade settlement | paperless | international settlement credit settlement | exchange settlement way of | collection acceptance settlement | bank settlement basic charges based on | inquiry operation | bulk export documentation process | receiving file | process eir circulation | packing list
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