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Mido Logistics is a large professional international logistics enterprise, mainly engaged in combined international sea-air-land transport and international express business.

Logistics is the art of meeting customer needs. It ultimately requires logistics provider within a specified time to deliver the goods to a specified location. Mido logistics focuses on providing customers with the all-round logistics services. By virtue of a national network of agents, specialized operations management, rich freight forwarding experience, we are committed to providing customers and agents around the world with China transship or direct shipment services of diversification, high efficiency and best economic benefits.

Our services include: warehouse and inventory management, supplier integration, professional transport services, the fourth-arty logistics supplier management, system integration, supply chain management, e-commerce support and logistics reconstruction.

Outstanding management and operational capabilities make Mido Logistics become one of the largest logistics companies at home. We are committed to providing a range of air transportation service for import and export, to meet customers' different requirements. Customers can select different transportation processes according to individual needs, ensuring that goods reach their destination in the most cost-effective transport way. The staff of Mido Logistics has received strict training, so they can carefully follow up every aspect of the goods during transport, and ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods, making customers worry-free.

With years of sound operational principles and good business reputation, Mido Logistics works closely with major shipping lines and airlines in a good relationship and at the same time, gets their support, providing competitive rates and services so that customers can benefit from the results of our efforts over the years. Help customers enhance their competitiveness and we are sure of success during transport. Our global freight network, not only can effectively dispose the transport of goods, but also follow up and coordinate the shipment of goods for customers, and completely grasp the latest shipment information.

With a keen marketing sense and continuous exploration of the needs of customers, Mido Logistics fully understands the great importance of a cost-effective and comprehensive collective service in winning the customer market. In view of this, our services are flexible and can devise the most ideal scenario according to the customers' shipping cost, time and the required services, , allowing customers to focus on their businesses.

We have excellent responsible and management personnel, to follow up every shipment of goods of individual suppliers according to customers' hint, and provide bulk cargo shipping, ensuring goods of suppliers to arrive safely and on time, thus increasing competitiveness of customers in the market.



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