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  “ request for quotation (Request for  Quotation) ” is a necessary stage in the process of procurement staff. The receipt of the requisition, understand current stock status and procurement budgets, most usually reflect is to immediately contact the vendor directly. If this is the normal procurement, demand patterns are classified as standard parts, for suppliers, there is no problem. But at the time of the development of new products, for those who do not belong to the standard part of the inquiry when it is necessary to pay special attention to whether vendor has provided sufficient information to facilitate their offer jobs. In order to avoid purchasing and suppliers said the future, as well as differences in quality awareness, be provided information on the preparation of inquiry cannot be sloppy. Because a full and proper inquiry files can help suppliers in the shortest period of time to provide correct and effective offers. A full inquiry should consider including the following at least a couple of major parts of the file.

, inquiry projects “ name ” “, ”

first, request items “ product ” and “ ” are in order to be prepared on the most basic information. Suppliers need to know how to offer products, which is known as “ name ”, as well as the representatives of “, ”, which buyers and sellers of follow-up in the future a basis for quickly investigating and retrieve. Because each customer has a unique representation in, pay special attention on the use of its accuracy. Some large companies, more than more than 10 digits, of which, including numbers and English letters. Part numbers may be a bit different in version is different, may even become another product part numbers. Writing should as far as possible from its literal name can be seen on characteristics and types of products is good.

second, the inquiry project of “ number of ”

supplier quotes are usually needed to know the buyer's demand, this is because the amount of the purchase amount will affect the price calculation. Quantity information provided often includes any “ demand ” and the “ quarter of demand ” even “ month demand ”;“ demand &rdquo of different levels, and if the number is 500K,1M,3M, and so on; each order about “ order quantity ”; or the product “ life cycle total requirement of ”. In addition to provide suppliers of the demand and purchasing patterns, and can also enable suppliers to analyze its own capacity to meet the buyer's needs.

Buyer usually has a common fault in the inquiry, that is, less afraid and unable to get good prices, demand or purchasing be “ expansion ”. At this point, although the procurement to achieve short-term benefits, even get the mass production prices, if, after you purchase real, is unable to achieve the expected number of quotations, the supplier is not raising prices, reduced customer service in other areas, or the supply, in the end outweigh their own. Therefore, communication with the suppliers of the information should be in demand, while procurement can also come up with forecasts to convince suppliers, in order to achieve the objective of long-term cooperation and continuous supply.

c, inquiry projects “ specifications ”

Specification is a describe procurement products quality tools, should include the most “ the new version ” of surface, test specifications, materials specifications, samples, swatches, and so that suppliers offer all information. Engineering drawing must be the latest version, if the surface can only be used for valuation shall also be stated in the request for quotation. For international purchases, if the original engineering drawing for languages other than English such as German, French, Japanese and so on, should also be accompanied by the international lingua franca English translation, a bilingual (Bilingual) form in order to facilitate communication. Engineering drawing can use electronic files provided, you have to ask the supplier its acceptable level, should be provided to international common file formats such as DWG, IGES, DXF, PRO/E, and so on to facilitate suppliers to convert drawings. However, use the email for archives at the same time, it is best to also provide a clearly drawn on the drawing of engineering drawing, in order to avoid file may occur when passing data accidentally lost.

four, inquiry projects “ ” request

Express inquiry project quality specifications in many ways, you can usually use the following several ways. Difficult a way of procurement staff will be able to complete the expression of requirements on the quality of products or services, should be in accordance with the different characteristics of the products or services, integrated with a number of ways.

A.  brand (Brand or  Trade  Names): in General, use branded products are most easy to purchase, not only can save time, reduce procurement costs, can also reduce quality inspection procedures, because you only have to confirm the product marking. However, products with brands its high price is usually, are not many purchases using the brand as more favourable purchase.

B.  or similar product ("Or  Equal"): its significance refers to a product can achieve the same functionality, decide whether to allow the use of alternative similar quotations should also be stated in the request for quotation, sibling of confirmation must be used to get user acceptance.

C.  business standard (Commercial  Standard): commercial standards for product sizes, materials, chemical composition, manufacturing method, and so on, there is a complete description of the common. For standard parts such as screws, nuts, electronic components, using commercial standards may be exempt from misunderstanding of on the quality.

D.  material and method of manufacture specifications (Material or  Method-of-Manufacture  Specification): when a material or method of manufacture has specific requirements, you must indicate the applicable standards. If annotated DIN European standard is required, which corresponds to the CNS or JIS specifications or it is better to be annotated.

E.  performance or functional specifications (Performance or  Function  Specification): this type specifications for the purchase of high-tech products and suppliers more frequently involved in (Early  Supplier Involvement,  ESI). Suppliers are informed of the need to fulfil the performance or functionality, details how to make in order to meet the requirements of section, is left to the vendor to resolve.

F.  engineering drawing (Engineering Drawing): engineering drawing is the best way to describe the required product quality, its content must be clear, and dimensional tolerances accuracy cannot be ignored.

G.  market (Market  Grade): typically used for commodities such as timber, agricultural products, such as tobacco, food, quality requirements, due regard to the level of distinction is not clear to most people the identification, procurement officer will normally be required to have identification products are often levels of capacity being purchased.

H.  sample (Sample): this is a lazy man's approach, samples provided on the vendor to understand buyers demand a great deal of help, especially for color, print, and more prevalent market level used on the.

I.  work (Statement Of  Work,  SOW): mainly used in the procurement service projects such as the Central preservation, building cleaning, waste disposal, bid, a full statement of work apart from simple things, also should be for the quality of the work to be achieved as far as possible in a quantitative way to standardize the assessment of its performance. Content of the statement of work must be able to guarantee satisfactory service of the buyer, but also to be able to retain sufficient flexibility, allow vendors to play to create added value in their work.

five, inquiry projects “ quotation based ” required

“ quotes base ” usually include a quote of “ currency ” “ &rdquo terms of trade, and domestic sale of relatively simple, usually to deal in Renminbi, the terms of trade is not to “ the ex-factory price ” is to “ to the factory price (freight and another behind) ” to calculate. International trade is more complicated, quote currency suppliers are mostly denominated in United States dollars based on as to whether to purchase local currency pricing, exchange-rate stability is considered a flexible approach.

Terms of trade for international trade is usually Ex-Work (ex-factory), FOB (free on board), FAS (free on board) or CIF (games, premium delivery), under different conditions, liability risks are assumed by the different buyers and sellers. FOB conditions, until the seller's responsibility until the goods shipped. Therefore, the seller must ship the risk, provided that the buyer is responsible for shipping, marine insurance, among others. CIF conditions, risk burden in addition to shipment by the seller, also the goods to the named port of destination for freight and insurance required. Therefore, under the identical goods transaction, quoted in CIF conditions naturally offer higher than on FOB terms, Cheung added, the inquiry must be specified by the buyer.

six, buyer's “ payment ”

  About payment terms, while both buyers and sellers have their own company policy, buyers want good payment as late as possible. Instead, the seller, of course, is that the sooner the better. Buyer has an obligation to inform the seller about its internal standard payment terms (when you purchase mold, usually with “ periodic payment ”, such as deposit 30%, first tryout 30%, acceptance 40%), the seller can also quote offer their different requirements, terms of payment is required at the end of the buyer and seller as stipulated in the agreement. When you are in a buyer's market, supply exceeds demand in the competitive market, goods and/or services can easily be achieved, commercial economic forces tend to lead to a price close to the estimated value of the procurement, the buyer usually with better payment terms to require the seller to meet, such as “ accounting (O/A) ”,T/T60 days or even 90 days. But in a seller's market, many because demand exceeded supply, the situation is just the opposite. Sellers will generally choose the shorter payment period, to demand that the buyer, such as selecting the “ cash against delivery (Cash on Delivery,  C.O.D. ) ” or “ advance payment (T/T in advance) ”.

In addition, payment terms need to be clearly shown its time calculation “ payments dies a quo ”, usually domestic suppliers are generally shipped in international trade (Shipping Date), the invoice date (Invoice Date) or loaded (On  Board Date) initial payment due time. If a foreign buyer identified as arrival day (Arrival Date)   or   (Receiving Date)   as the commencement day, in the middle is probably a month's time, buyers and sellers are not accidentally.

seven, inquiry projects “ ” request

Delivery included at the request of the buyer of needs for purchased products, as well as the seller how much time is needed to prepare the sample, the first limited production, and under normal production time required. Supplier to buyer requirements to cope with, but the length of products and prices, the buyer should be requested depending on the actual needs, rather than pursuing " timely delivery (  Just in  Time,  JIT )。

eight, inquiry projects “ Pack ” requires

Packaging suppliers estimate prices account for a large proportion, in addition to the special shape or size of customer products, suppliers had the use of a standard tray for packaging, cartons and pallets and other packaging materials. If you have not made any other special packaging requirements, supplier to its standard package approach to valuation. Sometimes will not quote detailing its standard package, purchase if you do not see at this point, additional packaging requirements in the future, not only time delays, price also can have adverse effects. In addition, packaging suppliers in understanding the buyer, upon request, can also provide recommendations to take into account the standard package, or a spell of consolidation to reduce shipping costs.

nine, “ ship-to location ” and “ delivery ”

Ship-to location by country, city, address and contact telephone and fax must clearly tell the vendor. Domestic sale and the mode of delivery is often dominated by railways, highways, international ship-to location and modes of delivery of the decision in the purchase prices are calculated. If you require the seller to CIF quotation, whether maritime or air transport, transportation costs and insurance costs, of course, be borne by seller. Depending on the transportation distance, distance will be billed differently unless the buyer specifies the air, suppliers are usually based on the shipping quote, because maritime is one of the most economical mode of delivery.

ten, inquiry project “ service ” and “ warranty period ” request

In the procurement of some equipment such as presses, plastic injection machines, testing equipment, semiconductor equipment, and so on, suppliers will generally provide a basic level of service and warranty period. If you have special requirements, such as requiring the extension of the guarantee period, or changing the content of after-sales service, and so on, because it involves the procurement of “ total carrying costs (Total  Cost of Ownership,  TCO)”。

11, vendor “ quote expiration date ”

  In order to facilitate the purchase price the job history, quotations should let vendors know the due date, for more complex products, suppliers should be given enough time to value.

12, “ confidentiality agreement ” signed files

On a number of new products development request for quotation, since it involves a due to business secrets, in external inquiry in order not to let competitors know and missed opportunities, further opportunities for vendors to sign a “ secret agreement (Non Disclosure  Agreement,  NDA) ” files, require suppliers to a norm over the useful life of the product cannot be planned name, purchase amount prediction, inquiry of technical requirements, specifications and surface information to the outside world.

13, “ staff ” and “ technicians ” the name and contact telephone number

“ staff ” and “ technicians ” the name and contact telephone number to tell suppliers what actual quotation needs not take the initiative to suggest that vendors have, because then if procurement projects are complex and technical, is best accompanied by the technician's name and contact telephone for their advice, to clarify the specifications on the issue.

Contact telephone company telephone, try to avoid giving procurement officers or technicians at home or private phone numbers, to prevent the possible individual supplier and accepting each other, suspected suspicious. However, due to advances in technology, mobile phones, e-mail use became more and more procurement staff in the case of difficult to avoid separate contacts with suppliers, procurement of moral conduct should be constantly vigilant attention to themselves.

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