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  (L) to exit exhibition, exhibition of goods export, export declarations and complex import declarations should be provided.
(2) ways of exports in processing, assembling, must provide the customs registration, corporate contracts and as economic and Trade Commission approvals, according to workers ' pay and wide verification.
(3) export of compensation in kind, approved by the foreign trade sector should be provided, related contracts, import declarations in excess of compensation under the contract with general trade processing verification form.
(4) easy to trade and export, trade contracts should be provided and easy import of goods declarations.
(5) as an investment in kind of exports, should provide economic and trade departments and approved by the Exchange Council.
(6) to feed processing and export should generally not full collection full collection, foreign investment enterprises, should be approved by the Exchange in advance, so as to arrive, should provide the contract, import goods declaration, the customs registration manual.
(7), requirements for overseas contracted engineering machinery and equipment, tools and Engineering Office, live exports, should provide written instructions and services contract.
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