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  First support Hou received transit trade items Xia of imports paid meeting, imports units must in paid meeting Qian holding corresponding of import and export contract, and transit trade right of certificate, and on the business of detailed description (must column out is expected to collection date), and bank remittance voucher, and record table, and imports write-off single, and Exchange Council sale meeting notification single, by Exchange Council for authenticity audit Hou, sales meeting notification single Shang stamped business seal, Bank voucher sale meeting notification single and the about single card handle paid meeting. Write-off of export proceeds of settlement when processed water/billing notifications. Export import payment amount must be greater than the amount of the income.

After re-export trade of imports and payment, by virtue of the corresponding right to engage in import and export contracts, transit trade certificates, detailed description of the business, application form, import verification sheet, commercial paper, foreign exchange form or collection notify the purchase of foreign exchange for payment or paid directly to the bank outside. Write-off settlement water collected in advance when single/accounts receivable write-off notification process.
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