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(a), alcohol:


1, non-owned tanks, for the tanker lease procedures in the plan room.

  2, with General cargo after sending program.

  (B), raised, mechanical and electrical, mechanical:

  1, the volume of goods, drawing three views indicate dimensions of the goods.

  2, to the security operations for goods loading reinforcement required for programmes and materials.

   3, with General cargo after sending program.

  (C), wood:

  1, won their district forestry Office of transport permits.

  2, with General cargo after sending program.

  (D) fresh:

  When you fill in the consignment of goods, in the column name indicates that the goods category of goods serial number and the hot state (can be specific to the station plan room), “ shipper's particulars ” barAllow transport period indicated in. Quarantine requirements, transport of goods, required to provide the quarantine certificate, “ shipper's particulars ” specify the quarantine certificate of the name and number in column # andAccompanying peer paste in back of the waybill.

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