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1. export of goods under export provisions of the contract, the shipper, on time, according to the quality and quantity available exported goods, which should provide the transport company for Charter booking procedures, preparing for declarations to the customs, or entrust the Professional (acting) pay customs duties a company goes through the Declaration formalities.

2. need to entrust the professional or Enterprise agent Declaration enterprises declared to the customs formalities, prior to the export of goods, should be in closer proximity to the port of export to a professional customs broker or agent Declaration enterprises delegate declarations. Professional customs brokers or agents entrusted the Declaration enterprise to receiving copies of the official declaration of the power of attorney to delegate units, customs power of attorney are subject to customs the required format.

 3. prepare customs documents are fundamental to ensure smooth customs clearance of export goods. Under normal circumstances, Customs shall maintain documents in addition to export goods declaration outside, mainly including: consignment note (that is, break bulk paper), invoice a contract, trading, and write-off of export proceeds and the Customs and Excise Department to monitor the conditions related to a variety of documes.

problems of declared:

customs clearance time: after customs clearance time limit refers to the goods to the port, laws require the consignor or his agent to time limits for customs declaration. Export customs clearance of goods time limits for loading 24 hours ago. Does not require tax fee, to inspect the goods, accept the Declaration from the 1st within Customs procedures.


  Identification refers to the Declaration of acceptance of customs and Excise unit and the audited report, based on actual verification through the export of goods in order to determine whether the contents declared by the Carnet a regulatory approach consistent with the actual import and export of goods.

  1. by verifying the actual goods and Carnet to verify declared part of the report and verify the contents of the list, the goods are the same through the actual examination found declare single link reveals that there are no conceal, false information, and return false, and so on.

  2. by check can verify the declared instance of single aspects of doubt, tax, statistics and reliable regulatory basis for the follow-up management. After a customs inspection of goods will have to fill in an inspection record. Inspection records typically include inspection time, place, name of the consignor or his agent import and export goods, Declaration of goods, inspection of goods transport packaging (such as carrier name, container number, size and number), name of goods, model specifications, and so on. Need to inspect the goods accepted declared 1st issued inspection notices, since customs inspection conditions identified in the 1st, subject to taxes, clearance procedure of self-identification is completed within 4 hours.

  Taxes: in accordance with the relevant provisions of the customs law, import and export of goods subject to provisions of State shall impose tariffs. Customs duties levied by the customs in accordance with customs import and export tariff. Need to be taxed goods, accept the Declaration issued in the 1st tax return and pay the clearance procedure of nuclear tax returns within 2 hours.


  1. General export goods, the consignor or his agent to the customs declaration, and paid the tax payable and the relevant fee, customs export loaded cover on “ customs clearance ” export shipment the consignor of the goods upon shipment and exit.

2. export of goods shut out: the fall application for cargo consignor should be shut out fall within three days from the date of the customs declaration, and approved by the Customs and places of goods could not be shipped to customs control.

 3. issuing Declaration of export tax rebate: after customs clearance, in bright yellow export tax rebates on the private declarations stamped “ inspection ” and to the tax authorities for the record signing of the heads of customs audit of export tax rebates, refund of customs units. Every day in the country exports about 150 million dollars worth of goods, exported write-off tax rebate for every delay of a day, causing great losses to our customers. How to speed up export write-off tax rebate does? Documentary operations the most important point is to correctly fill out the export declarations. Declaration of relevant content must be with the shipping company to customs manifest the content is consistent, smooth write-off tax rebate. After acceptance of the Customs Declaration and clearance, transport tool stowage and other reasons, some failed to load the original declaration on transport of goods, export cargo consignor should promptly submit the export goods declaration to the customs change application form and the corrected corrected the box single copy invoices, bills of lading, customs form contents to manifest the content is consistent.

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