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, a careful reading of the charter party

After the

charter contract, carefully read the terms of the contract, clarify the relationship between the parties ( Note: the company will ship TCT came in from rent leased out ), voyage charter, rent house, owner and BROKER, lease contract rental house, owner and BROKER, clear the responsibility and authority the Charterers, as this contract status, obligations, responsibilities and authority, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each clause, form the whole voyage operating concept.

two, and to captain Sailing Instructions GENERALINSTRUCTION

to the captain Sailing Instructions, told time charter the relevant provisions of the contract, the time and place of delivery and redelivery, and notify the captain voyage task, inform the captain with the need to rent a home on this voyage to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations, of which the most important is about the voyage NOR submission, provided by B/L, asked the captain every day report of ship dynamic, and submit the vessels arrival departure report, if the ship is in the delivery of the vessel immediately after arrival at port of loading is required, the captain is expected to report the ship stowage plan PRE-STOWAGEPLAN and maximum cargo volume LOADABLEQTTY, which requires the captain announced load DECLARATION.

three commissioned gas by


commissioned a tend to their own air company is also a voyage to fulfill an important step, report the voyage weather conditions, analysis of fuel consumption and speed voyage, air conduction report is if BUNKEROVERCONSUMPTION, an important basis and validation of ship speed is true.

four ship

. If

is not specified in the TCT DEL/REDLYSURVEY contract, are to the captain of the ship as the basis, if the provisions on the inspection to ship in the contract, then commissioned the inspection company, survey report by the inspection company as the basis. The most important time for delivery of the vessel is important to note that the amount of fuel delivery, delivery time, delivery location, whether the delivery of the vessel shipping status in compliance with the provisions of the lease, these are the important basis of TCT contract performance, because the fuel quantity determines the performance of this voyage gas quantity, as a time charter,. Port of discharge port have been identified, the voyage time can be calculated, and the daily consumption is basically stable so that we can calculate the number of refueling further voyages, where gas, according to other routes; delivery time is calculated according to rent the largest gold, the first payment stipulated in the contract rent in handing the ship after the X working days.

five. At the loading port ready before the

1 proxy, pay attention to the loading port of

According to the provisions of

C/P, if the loading port agent for the voyage charter contract of specified, should be timely to obtain proxy data to rent house, as soon as possible to contact to obtain cost details, including pilotage, berthing rental fees, inspection fees, agent fees and so on, need to carefully review the comparison. If C/P is the loading port agent for the owner to agent, should their early contact with the strength of the local agent for the fee details, careful examination, inquiry ( enquiry at loading port agent model ) to multiple agents and inquiry, careful comparison, refuse the unreasonable port charges. The fee after the completion of the audit, arrange to pay the cost, generally in the ship 's arrival at the loading port before the transfer payment to the account designated agent ( at least received the bank slip ). From the agents daily to berth LINEUP berth situation, to decide whether to take corresponding measures to solve the problem of berth congestion, because the rent is relatively high, can reduce a loss of time, can reduce the loss of rent, these are considerable.

2 ships every dynamic, pay attention to weather conditions, combined with our expected arrival time, find that the ship is delayed, send a ship contract to rent house is expected arrival notice ETANOTICE loading port. Special attention should be paid to the provisions of LAYCN agreement, to grasp the scale of ETANOTICE, the more important in practice, if the ship is unable to see at the loading port within the LAYCN time, in order not to hire the home CANCELL this voyage should be properly and reasonably ahead of time to report ETA time, don't let rent home early to find the ship, even if the vessel is really more than CANCELLINGDATE 's arrival at the loading port, Charterers will not easily CANCELL this voyage, the ship will be delayed because of for a long time, but not necessarily can quickly find a suitable ship, were forced to accept this evening to the ship. Of course, also want to combine the market circumstances.


six arrived at the loading port of loading


1.NOR submitted to

from the ship from a discharge port, daily contact with agents, asked the port berth, weather conditions, in order to inform the captain reasonable arrangements to ensure that the ship speed, straight on, according to the provisions of the lease to guarantee NOR, so that NOR can be submitted to LAYTIME.

  2 to Hong Kong Report

port agent and the captain will send port of loading port report over, observe whether smooth, such as what time is not reasonable, make timely to the agent or the captain asked.

3 closely related to the loading port forwarding and captain, pay attention to the loading situation, if any problems arise in the course of loading, such as the problems should be solved in time, so, the fastest completion of loading.

seven. The loading port after arriving at the discharging port of

1, collecting all kinds of shipping documents, NOR, M/R, SOF, CARGOMANIFEST, STOWAGEPLAN, B/L, B/L bill of lading issued audit, pay attention to the way, by the agent to sign the bill of lading bill of lading or signed by him, if the bill of lading freight is paid according to C/P and M/R, then check whether the party can put a single, pay attention to sign time, the mate's receipt of comments, if the bill of lading freight prepaid freight will be received before release bill of lading.

2, freight: according to C/P freight rates, total freight deduct the Commission, OAP ( if any), for freight charge to rent house, ask payment within the period specified in the contract.

3, LAYTIME, despatch demurrage: if the provisions of C/P, loading rate is CQD, there is no despatch, lag period; if the C/P constant loading rate, should be in accordance with SOA, TIME SHEEP, C/P related terms and demurrage despatch, important is starting and stop, stop loading the reason and the middle.

4 on ship report and air conduction report, attention to the attention of the ship speed under sail, fuel consumption is normal, and expected to arrive at the discharging port time.

5 refueling

according to the ship voyage oil situation, consider the route, the discharge port at berth, draft, calculation is needed in the refueling, when necessary even if your price can also be considered directly to refuel at loading port.

6 Committee discharging port agent, pay the fee for the discharge port, the audit is completed, should arrange the fee, guarantee to the discharge port before the ship, the agent can receive the fee ( at least received the bank slip ). Note the unloading port, berth of understanding.

7 general foreign ships arrive at Chinese ports are required to prepare tons of tax certificate, therefore, if the discharge port is the port in China, has not arrived at the ready the required tonnage certificate shall discharge port, the ship safety by unloading port.

8 a contract estimated redelivery notice, to pay estimated second rent.


at discharging port.

1.NOR submitted, in close contact with the agent and the captain, on discharge, urged the agency to finish unloading the goods as soon as possible. The ship away from the discharge port, a timely manner to the agent for the shipment, calculation of LAYTIME, dispatch, lag period. If the C/P specified loading rate is CQD, there is no despatch, lag period; if the C/P constant loading rate, should be in accordance with SOA, TIME SHEEP, C/P related terms despatch and demurrage.

2 the remaining freight charge. If C/P provides a 95% freight, general provisions trip after tens of days, deduction of discharging port despatch ( if any), together with the payment, shall timely take.

3 if the bill of lading in ship has arrived at the port of discharge is not submitted, in practice LOI guarantee is very common, hire the home to provide guarantee to the owners, and owners need to submit their own contains to the original owner, the owner agreed to by the discharge requirements of the original letter, because the captain in this case will only listen to the original owner 's instructions, when the original owners agree against guarantee unloading, the captain agreed to the corresponding.

nine also ship


pays attention to ship on time, the ship location, leaving a ship 's fuel, and net of OFF-HIRE, BUNKEROVERCONSUMPTION, OWRSEXPENSE, and the owner of the settlement last rent.

ten. File


port of loading the bill, to examine whether there is a mistake, the original owner cost sorted out and original owner settlement. As in the agency that cost savings should be timely request, such as is due to agency cost, verified correct should promptly arrange payment to agent, collect all the original documents, do the last voyage settlement.


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