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Send job (shipper)------fill in the consignment of goods goods transport service order costs shipping deliveries, transport loading---delivery------General vouchers submitted to the consignee of goods
On the job (carrying both) (dissolution or change in the contract of carriage) or (transport obstacles) or (dress up consolidation of goods)
Get job (consignee) query availability check pick-out to the yard goods or dedicated truck

General procedures for shipment and carrier
The first step: understand the nature of the station, see the shipment of the goods to be unrestricted.
Second step: the declaration scheme. Reported plans come in two forms, one month plan, the second is routine.
The third step: purchase. After the plan is approved, you can purchase request to the station, and apply for a shelf, get permission, you can purchase.
The fourth step: request. Goods together, according to the monthly plan and daily plan approval, each wagon is to submit a completed cargo consignment declared Japanese request car.
Fifth step: loading. After the empty wagon to the loading place, loading stations that should be quickly organized. Organization of loading by the shipper, the shipper should also be organized in a timely manner, ensuring fast, secure installation.
The sixth step: delivery. Vehicles once, railway transport sector contact trailers, goods arrived in the station as soon as possible.
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