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Air cargo freight is by a single kilogram tariff multiplied by the goods "kilogram" to determine the number, but "kg" refers to the goods of the billable weight kg, chargeable weight kg number does not necessarily mean that ordinary people understand through scale kilogram of goods, sometimes, the kilogram is the meter scale beside the number "quantity".

Chargeable weight is the physical weight of the shipment and goods "dimensional weight" after comparing the two, optional plans are received. Physical weight easy to understand, they're called out on the scales the weight, what are goods "dimensional weight"? Due to limited aircraft cargo hold space, when the airlines charging transportation fees, in order to balance the relationship between the actual weight of the shipment and the volume of goods by the international air transport Association (IATA) uniform identified "dimensional weight" of the standard formula. Air freight cargo volume weight (kg) = volume of goods (length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm))/6,000, that is, the volume of 6,000 cubic centimeters is equivalent to 1 kg of goods return calculation, conversion, 1 cubic meter volume of goods according to 167 kg calculate the freight charges.

In accordance with physical weight and volume weight optional large billing of principles, if goods of share small and units volume partial large, such as cotton, woven crafts,, then should measurement goods of volume, according to above formula calculation out volume weight, then, will goods of actual weight and volume weight do comparison, optional its large who as billing weight, multiplied by single kg rates on concluded that has should received freight.

This volume weight of billing way also also applies Yu aviation express company, each international express package in after express company of transit center Shi, are to through such as TNT Express Company of RPP (Revenue Protect Programme), system of detection, goods after optical scan, volume weight will is automatically entry express company of global information system, and and physical weight comparison Hou, is optional large billing.
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